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Imagination is a lightweight and simple DVD slide show maker for Linux and FreeBSD written in C language and built with the GTK+2 toolkit. I noticed a lack of a user-friendly DVD slide show maker for GNU/Linux, so I started developing Imagination. True, there are some other GUIs which do the job, but they usually require a lot of dependencies to be installed first and often their interfaces are bloated. Imagination has been designed from the ground up to be fast, light and easy-to-use. It requires the ffmpeg encoder to produce the movie file and libsox to handle the audio. Yes you don't need any other third-party software, I like the KISS principle :)

Imagination at present features 69 transition effects, random function to automatically set a random transition on all the selected slides, cut/copy/paste ability on the slides, Ken Burns ability, text on the slides with some text animations, ability to add an empty slide with a gradient editor and export of the slideshow as OGV Theora/Vorbis, widescreen FLV video and 3GP for mobile phones.


The latest stable release of Imagination is 3.0 released on 06/03/11 with HD export! If you're upgrading from pre-2.0 version of Imagination, make sure you uninstall old version before attempting to install this one.


Imagination is written by the project leader Giuseppe Torelli with the invaluable support of Robert Cheramy who made possible HD export and others contributing with patches, new ideas and translations.

You can help out developing Imagination in several ways. We need people who are willing to test, debug the software, provide patches and adding new transitions; please consult the transitions page to have technical details on how to develop a new transition. If you do not possess any programming skills, you can help with other tasks that need to be done, like translating Imagination, improve the documentation and translating it to other languages.