As nearly every other Open Source Project, Imagination depends on various contributions from the community. There are several ways to contribute to Imagination, as described below.


If you are a programmer or software developer, this might be the best way for you to help Imagination. The current release lacks Ken Burn effects and fade-out on the audio. Also no text ability is present. It would be nice to put some text on your slides. Cairo, the 2d graphic system Imagination uses for achieving the transitions effects supports text too. Why don't you give a look to those functions so to develop a fresh new plugin which allows Imagination to write text on the slides? Here there is a very nice tutorial. Also new transitions should be developed to have more effects. Furthermore you could give a look to the Sourceforge bug tracking page.


Imagination is currently available in 9 languages only, so many of them are still missing from the list. Also the documentation is only available in English, French, Spanish and Portoguese languages. So if you are good at translating software to new languages or improving existing translations, feel free to help us. Be sure your work is highly appreciated.


Do you like Imagination? Donating money is one way to support the project and to show appreciation for the developers's work. You can use the button on the left side or send the money directly to Paypal by using this email address: colossus73 AT gmail DOT com. Thank you.

Axel Masok $30,00 USD
Marco Giacomello $20,00 USD $250,00 USD
John Fromm $10,00 USD
3D Illustrations $20,00 USD
José Antonio Barea Canales $10,00 USD
Jeff Cannon $5,00 USD
Tom Bishop $10,00 USD
Angelo Dello Russo $5,00 USD
Marc Treglia $5,00 USD